Bugs Hunter & Suggestions ( Jan. )

2015-02-22 20:04:00
Dear players, LOA Mobile open beta has launched and we need your help to keep on improving our games and make it perfect for you! 


January 22nd Until January 30th


There are two ways to participate this event:

★ Reporting any valid bug you encounter by submitting the screenshot or providing detailed information.

★ Let us know of any suggestion you may have. What kind of new character you'd like to see in our game? If you would like to change a skill, hero or an angel? What kind of event you'd like us to have? We welcome all the interesting thoughts and creative ideas.

Attention: Please kindly note that all reports and suggestions should follow the format as below:

Screenshots if Possible:

Diamonds x 10, Gold x 50000, Small EXP Potion x 30 for all valid participants.
Diamonds x 200, Gold x 100000, Medium EXP Potion x 30 for 5 most active participants.