Angelic Land Troubadour (1)

2015-03-09 20:05:29
This week's topic is "Everyone has a secret".
Pick one of our Heores or Angels and tell us a story about their most interesting secret. It can be dark but romantic, shocking but touching. No matter how long the story is, it's the imagination we are looking for.

Event Duration:
March 9th-15th

How to participate:
1) Post a reply with the story under the topic of this week.
2) Include your IGN & Server.

100 diamonds, 10 Hero chests (1 star) for all valid story tellers.
500 diamonds, 10 Hero chests (3 stars) for 5 of them according to the story quality.

Spam/illegal Content will lead to EVENT DISQUALIFICATION. We reserve the right to final interpretation of this event & rewards.