Angelic Land Troubadour (2)

2015-03-16 20:06:23
This week's topic is "Who would've made a great couple?".
The first match comes to my mind is Atalanta and Rose Knight. They are both blonde warrior who likes to play with their sword, equipped with golden shiny armor. But on second thought, will they make a great couple? Won't there be too many fights? Eh, probably not a good idea.
Who do you think would've made a great couple?
[Beauty and Beast], or [Prince and Princess]?

Event Duration:
March 16th-22th

How to participate:
1) Post a story with characters from our game under the topic of this week .
2) Include your IGN & Server.

100 diamonds, 10 Hero chests (1 stars) for all valid story tellers.
500 diamonds, 10 Hero chests (3 stars) for 5 of them according to the story quality.

Spam/illegal Content it will lead to EVENT DISQUALIFICATION. We reserve the right to final interpretation of this event & rewards.