Anniversary Welcome Back Event

2016-02-20 19:09:16

Anniversary Celebration

League of Angels - Fire Raiders is turning one this month and the team at GTArcade wants everyone to join the celebration! With over 5,000,000 downloads in 2015, Fire Raiders has become GTArcade’s hottest mobile game! For its one-year anniversary party, all players are cordually invited to enjoy the celebration benefits, whether you’re fresh recruit or a seasoned vet! From February 19th to the 28th, players can log in daily to claim a slew of free gifts and earn great rewards from all the specially prepared events.

Welcome Back Event
Veteran players can receive extravagant rewards just by logging in on Feb. 26th! All players with an existing account that meet the requirements (min. League level 45 or any VIP level) can log in on February 26th to claim their Welcome Back Gift. This special gift will include huge amounts of Gold, EXP potions, Rune crystals, Premium Crest chests, and Crest essenses. Don’t miss it!

Free Hero
Players with existing accounts that start fresh on one of the new servers will be able to get a free Hero! Complete the 7-day sign-in event and claim Hecate (3-Star Hero), plus League EXP potions to accelerate their journey!

League of Angels - Fire Raiders and its playerbase has grown immensely since a year ago. As millions of players from around the world have discovered this little gem in the action strategy genre, the game continues to grow and evolve. With more Angels and Heroes, higher level cap, and many new paths for progression, Fire Raiders has more ways to play than ever! Join today and experience one of the best strategy RPG’s for mobile!

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