Fire Raiders Preview

2015-03-04 15:06:08

With League of Angels - Fire Raiders coming out this month, we thought we’d take a look at GTArcade’s latest game and check out some of its features. The player is immersed into the action basically immediately as we see that there’s been an attack launched on the kingdom of the nice princess. The evil warlord, the Great Demon King, has hatched a plan to take over the world and enslave all the angels. It will be the player’s responsibility to form a band of brave heroes to retake the lost territory. 

The Basics 

In order to help the princess, we are taken through a tutorial on how to play the game. The tutorial moves fast and is thorough, and after having gone through it I am familiar with most aspects of the game. The game is easy to pick up and the premise is simple. Each player has a team filled with various Angels and Heroes. Before each battle, you can choose a battle formation consisting of 5 heroes and 1 angel. The game then progresses as most Action RPG’s. There are many maps and dungeons to clear of enemies, Arenas where one can face other players, Guild Feasts, as well as various Gold and Angel trials that can be challenged for rewards. 


The graphics of the game run smoothly, and the design of the characters are quite cool. My favorite part of the battles though was the skills. Whenever a hero or angel’s rage bar is full, I was able to trigger their ultimate skill manually. Being able to time each release at the perfect moment actually made a huge difference in each battle, and after a few battles I was a seasoned veteran in and new exactly when to launch an ultimate skill attack and when not too. Needless to say, unleashing the skills of several heroes at once will give you a combo bonus and make killing bosses a whole lot easier. 


As I progressed deeper and deeper into the game, I noticed that using different formations against particularly tough bosses or arena opponents actually did wonders. If you find yourself losing the same fight over and over again, try studying the formation and heroes of your opponent, then try to arrange your own heroes in a formation that will counterbalance them. This, along with the timing of ultimate skills, adds a nice touch to the strategic aspects of the game and makes it more challenging. 

Recruiting Heroes and Angels 

The recruitment system works well and it wasn’t too hard to boost my team with stronger members. In order to get new heroes, soulstones are needed. Soulstones can be obtained in battles by drawing cards. Three different options are available for drawing cards. I especially liked the Mystic Divine Draw, which allowed me to focus in on certain heroes I only needed a few soulstones for. Angel recruitment works a bit different, with players having to make it through challenging Angel Trials in order to win chests with Angel Soulstones. The ability to hone in on particular heroes or angel makes the recruitment process fun as well.   



Free to download, League of Angels - Fire Raiders is a good way to spend time. It’s fun to pick up and doesn’t waste time to let you feel the action like many other Action RPG games. The battles are fun, dynamic and skills can be triggered at any time. With the ability to pick your own formations, the game also adds a layer of strategy to it all, making the game more challenging in the long run. I’ve just started playing this game, but I could see myself spending many months ahead with the epic team I’m building.

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