League of Angels - Fire Raiders Version 2.4 Preview

2015-11-12 15:24:29

League of Angels - Fire Raiders, GTArcade’s acclaimed action RPG for mobile platforms, has gone through tremendous growth since its worldwide release. The perfect mix of action and strategy has been providing millions of players all over the world with an epic and robust gaming experience. Huge content updates have continuously introduced new characters, features, play modes, and so much more. There is no shortage of activities to do in-game, but its about to get a whole lot bigger! GTArcade is extremely excited to announce Fire Raiders version 2.4, one of the largest updates to date! So what’s in store for the players?

Cross Server Conquest - Level 70

Everyone has been asking, and now its finally here! Cross Server Conquest will rank players from all over the world against one another in a truly global competition. The top 300 players will be drawn into an advanced championship ladder where they will compete to reach the top 64. These champions will be eligible for exclusive prizes like unique chat titles and account avatars so everyone will know of their accomplishments!

Demonic Onslaught - Level 55
Each week from Monday to Friday there will be a new Boss Encounter for brave warriors to challenge. But be warned, these are not your typical demon fodder. Figure out their weakness and destroy them!

New Angels and Heroes
3 new Angels and 6 new Heroes will be blazing their way into the game in version 2.4! This is the biggest expansion of characters since launch! More details on these new characters will be avaliable soon.

Card Master
This new activity is all about getting rewards! Collect cards to exchange for all sorts of great prizes!

New Star Rank
Heroes can now be upgraded to 6 stars. Getting your heroes to 6 stars will require Mystic Soul Shards, which can be earned from the new Cross Server Conquest.

Stay tuned for more details regarding League of Angels - Fire Raiders version 2.4 on the official Facebook page and website. If you have not experienced Fire Raiders yet, now is a great time to start!

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