Update 3.1: Revolutionary gameplay coming to Fire Raiders!

2016-04-14 12:25:23

League of Angels - Fire Raiders, GTArcade’s epic action strategy RPG for mobile, has seen immense success since its worldwide release. Offering the perfect blend of action and strategy, Fire Raiders has provided a robust gaming experience for millions of players all over the world. Big content updates have introduced new characters, features, play modes, and so much more. GTArcade is excited to introduce Update 3.1 for Fire Raiders, one of the largest updates to date! So what can players look forward to in this new version?

Update 3.1 includes:
  • New Paragon Hero: Shadow Stalker
  • New Progression: Angel Advance
  • New Events: Wheel of Fortune, Diamond Slots, and New Server Opening 7-Day Celebration
  • New Wave of Hero Awakening: Headless Horseman, Dragon Queen, Green Ranger, Arcane Spirit, Snow Queen, Hell Hound
Summon the Divine Incarnation of Shadow Stalker at cap level!
Update 3.1 will introduce a new type of Hero to the game: Paragon Heroes. These mighty heroes have been training rigorously on their own and now await a worthy champion to lead them into battle. Their main feature is that they come maxed, right out of the box! The level of Paragon heroes will be equal to a player’s League level when they are activated. They will also be awakened to max level and their quality and skill levels will be appropriate for their level. Acquiring a Paragon Hero allows you to save valuable resources and send your powerful new ally into battle right away! The first Paragon Hero will be the elusive Shadow Stalker.

New Angel Progression
Angel Advance is a new way to train your Angels in 3.1. The third Tab will be activated at League level 50. Advancing your Angels will upgrade their Auras, boosting the strength of your entire formation. Advanced Angels also have a chance to gain back half their Rage, allowing more uses of their battle-altering skills. The Advance Level can be inherited between Angels.

New Events: Test Your Luck!

Wheel of Fortune and Diamond Slot are two new events coming to the game. Wheel of Fortune will offer a selection of items that players have a chance of obtaining. In Lucky Diamond Draw, try your luck as you go for the ultimate Diamond jackpot! A special 7-day launch celebration event has been designed for new servers. It will grant all kinds of great rewards to players who complete the new tasks.

More Awakened Heroes

Finally, the second wave of Hero Awakening is here! This time the selected heroes will be Headless Horseman, Dragon Queen, Green Ranger, Arcane Spirit, Snow Queen, and Hell Hound. Awakened Heroes gain an additional combat skill, bonus stats, and more advanced character models. Headless Horseman might not be so headless anymore!

Chinese language is available in 3.1 update

In update 3.1, Chinese language will also be added. GTArcade is excited to have Chinese speaking players join this epic saga of Heroes and Angels, and will continue efforts to make Fire Raiders more accessible to more players around the world. With the addition of Portuguese, Fire Raiders is now available in 8 different languages!

Since Fire Raiders is planning on releasing a new ‘Cross Server PVP’ system in June, players should have plenty of time to utilize the new Awaken feature to prepare for the ultimate showdown! Join League of Angels - Fire Raiders today and experience one of the best free to play RPG’s for mobile!

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