The 2nd wave of Awaken Heroes: Wreck Havoc

2016-04-15 16:18:39

Finally, the second wave of Hero Awakening is here! This time the selected heroes will be Headless Horseman, Dragon Queen, Green Ranger, Arcane Spirit, Snow Queen, and Hell Hound. Awakened Heroes gain an additional combat skill, bonus stats, and upgraded character appearances. Headless Horseman might not be so headless anymore!

Awaken Skills Introduction
Headless Horseman
Siphon Soul: Horsemen's attacks will steal life from opponent. Certain percentage of damage is turned into HP

Dragon Queen 
Song of Ice and Fire: Increase her Crit chance and Crit damage.

Green Ranger 
Wind's Bite: Blessed by the Wind Fairy, each basic attack can poison targets, dealing continuous damage, can stack twice.

Arcane Spirit
Thunder Awakening: Arcane Spirit enhances the damage of his Thunderbolt skill, changing his targets to back row enemies.

Snow Queen 
Frost Pact: Channels power from the pact, greatly increasing crit and crit damage.

Hell Hound
Ghosts of Hell: Absorbs countless souls from hell, greatly increasing HP and Hit chance.

The Hero Awakening feature unlocks at League level 71. Awakening currently has 2 main functions: Unlocking their Awakening (5th) Skill and upgrading their appearance!
Awakening is divided into multiple levels, each level will increase the Hero's stats further.

The fourth Tab on the Hero panel will be activated when they are awakened. There you can view the current awaken status of a hero, the requirements and total buff for the next awakening level. By pressing the ‘Evolution’ button at the bottom, players can evolve one hero to a higher awaken level to obtain greater promotion. 

List of Evolution Required materials 

Since Fire Raiders is planning on releasing a new ‘Cross Server PVP’ system in June, players should have plenty of time to utilize the new Awaken feature to prepare for the ultimate showdown! 

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