Summon the Divine Incarnation of Shadow Stalker at cap level!

2016-04-21 16:30:26

Update 3.1 will introduce a new type of Hero to the game: Paragon Heroes. These mighty heroes have been training rigorously on their own and now await a worthy champion to lead them into battle. Their main feature is that they come maxed, right out of the box! The level of Paragon heroes will be equal to a player’s League level when they are summoned. They will also be awakened to max level and their quality and skill levels will be maxed for their level as well. Acquiring a Paragon Hero allows you to save valuable resources and send your powerful new ally into battle right away! The first Paragon Hero will be the elusive Shadow Stalker.

Shadow Stalker
Blood Volley: Leaps into the air and fires Blood Arrows at the enemy's back row, has a chance to Confuse targets and prevent Rage gain from being attacked for 2 turns.
Piercing Aim: Fire a Shadow Arrow that pierces targets, targets with lower physical attack than Stalker take additional damage.
Sapping Strike: Shoot the target with the highest attack, decreasing their attack, while increasing own attack by the same percentage.
Deadly Whisper: When entering battle gain significant Crit and Crit damage, also gain immunity to 1 control effect every 3 turns.

Awaken Skill

Dark Ranger: Greatly increase physical damage and hit.

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