Update 3.2: Eliminate all adversaries and be crowned Champion!

2016-05-12 14:55:08
League of Angels - Fire Raiders, GTArcade’s award-winning strategy RPG for mobile, has a special preview of their upcoming update for the game. Check out some of the new content coming in Update 3.2 for Fire Raiders!

New PvP Mode: Ultimate Tournament
Ultimate Tournament is a brand new PvP mode that’s designed like a sports competition. Players form 3 hero formations and compete with others in a multi-stage competition to see who will be last one standing. After sign up, players must make it out of the group stages and into the elimination stage, where the final 32 will fight until 1 is crowned champion! Give it your all in the Ultimate Tournament, for truly epic rewards await those who can rise above and beyond (such as Paragon Hero Soulstones)!

New Paragon Hero: Draconia
Coming with Update 3.2 will be Fire Raiders’ second Paragon Hero, Draconia! The heir of the Black Dragon Clan, Draconia has awoken from centuries of slumber to scorch evil from the lands. Embrace the ancient legacy of the Dragons and unleash Draconia’s devastating power on your enemies!
*Paragon Heroes are mighty champions that have their stats and skills maxed when they are unlocked, and can be used in battle immediately.

New Progression: Hero Boost
Hero Boost is the next step in strengthening your heroes! Similar to Angel Advance, Hero Boost allows players to take their Heroes to new heights and further customize their teams.

New Awakened Heroes
Another wave of Awakened Heroes is here! This batch includes some classic favorites like Earthshaker, Night Sentinel, and Blood Baroness, plus Mirabelle! 
*Awakened Heroes gain an additional combat skill, bonus stats, and more advanced character models. 

Stay tuned for more details regarding League of Angels - Fire Raiders version 3.2 on the official Facebook page and website. Download Fire Raiders today and experience one of the best free to play RPG’s on mobile!

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