Angels system - Not just a pretty face

2015-03-06 17:50:39
Today, let’s get to know about the Angels in League of Angels: Fire Raiders Mobile!

 [Unlocking Angels]
The Angels are a key element to the game that players should become familiar with if they aim to reach the top. Angels are unlocked by players as they progress through the game. One way to unlock these divine guardians is to earn Trial Tokens from the Angel Trials, which are used to buy Angel Soulstones from the Angel Trial Shop. You can also obtain Angel Soulstones from Adventure mode and as rewards for completing achievements. Once you’ve collected enough Soulstones, you can use them to unlock Angels as well as upgrade their quality. As players level up, they will gain access to Angels with even greater potential! Level 40 players can get Epic Angels and even Legendary Angels later on.

 [Selecting Angels]
Players should choose the most appropriate Angels according to their level. When players start their adventure, they will be given Vienna, an Angel suited for beginners. It is not recommended to spend too many resources to develop her as she will be replaced in time. It is a good idea to switch to Lunaria once you unlock her. Lunaria has two skills, Lunaria Advent, which heals the Hero with the lowest HP, and Moonlight, which heals all friendly Heroes on the frontline. Lunaria is a great support Angel to use before level 40. After that, players will have many more powerful and specialized Angels at their disposal. They can strategically select different Angels according to their formations.

Angels are an important component of a team’s fighting capacity. While it is recommended to upgrade key Heroes first, players should not neglect to upgrade their Angels as well. When players upgrade their Angels, they can select to upgrade the their Skills and Auras. It’s a good idea to upgrade Auras first because they buff the stats of all your Heroes during battle. As for the Angels’ Skills, players can look at the team’s requirement to determine which provide the best synergy. For example, Glacia’s second Skill Glacia Binding will silence the enemies in the rear, giving you the opportunity to deal massive damage without reprisal. Using this skill at the perfect moment will certainly turn the tides of battle.