System of Divination

2015-03-10 17:54:15
System to Draw Cards
The main aim of the game is to develop Angels and Heroes, which is why all players should try to get the very best Angels and Heroes. If you have these type of Angels and Heroes then you will be invincible in battle. By drawing cards, players can get Heroes, Equipment and Soulstones. What’s more, Mystic Divination can help players get the selected Heroes and Soulstones which players can use to increase the quality level of the Heroes. (Only for VIP 8 or above players)

Divination means that players can select one out of three options.
Common Divination: This uses Gold or Divining Crystal (Priority). Players can select Draw*1 or Draw*10. When players select Draw*10, the Gold used will get 10% off. They also have 100% chance to get Heroes’ Soulstones.
Super Divination: This uses Diamonds. Players can have a free try every 24 hours. They can select Draw*1 or Draw*10. When they select Draw*10, the Diamonds used will get 10%. They also have 100% chance to get Hero cards.
Mystic Divination: This also uses Diamonds. Players can get the selected Heroes or Soulstones from the Divination Room at random. This means that it is even better value, only for VIP 8 or above players.