Unconventional Defending Formation

2015-03-16 17:55:30
In the current version of League of Angels, lots of players use Night Sentinel, Earthshaker, Zweihander, Nereida and Amazon Hunter. As far as I know, 45 players among the top 50 in the Arena use Zweihander. 30 of them use Night Sentinel. 25 of them use Earthshaker. What? You don't have any one of them? Did you get beaten up a lot in the Arena? No worries! Today, I’m going to recommend some unconventional defending formation for you to become top players as well.

The Recommended Formation is:.
Frontline: Nether Knight and Snow Queen
Rear: Djinni, Summoner and Atalanta

It is clear that Nether Knight can hold out damage from at least 3 damage dealers. Nether Knight has high Dodge and a shield to restore HP. It is not that tough for Nether Knight to act as a tank. Snow Queen in the frontline has the fourth skill to decrease the damage caused by male enemies and the third skill to increase Agility and Dodge. If she is lucky to dodge attacks, she will live to fight another day.

The system will give you Atalanta once you start the game. She is currently protected in a small corner of the formation. But don’t think that Atalanta is a weakling. Her high Agility allows her to strike first when the battle starts. If she is lucky enough to trigger the second skill Double Attack, she would be able to directly cripple the enemy in the frontline. With the help of the brand new Rune system, Atalanta can greatly increase Crit. As for me, Atalanta has already helped me many times, all thanks to her Double Attack and her ultimate skill.

Atalanta and Snow Queen are the two Heroes with the highest Agility in the game. When they are in the frontline, you can strike first each round. Since Snow Queen doesn't have a high level of Defense. Many players always focus on attacking Snow Queen and try to quickly kill her. However, they would first be crippled by Atalanta's Double Attack. Then, Summoner's AOE skill will finish the enemy off.

Summoner is also known as "Rage Master". The ultimate skill can only deal some damage but also help the enemy increase Rage. However, her second skill Eagle's Help and the third skill can provide a shield for the teammate with the lowest HP every 2 rounds. When Nether Knight is dying in the first round, Summoner can provide a shield for Nether Knight in the second round. Djinni can cast a skill to passively increase Nether Knight's HP. The formation also covers the problem that there is only a chance that the shield brought by Nether Knight's second skill can be triggered.

Let me give you an example and take a look at some more details about the advantages of this formation.

As you can see, the enemy has approximately Force*40000, including Epic+1 Amazon Hunter, Epic+1 Dark Paladin, Zweihander, Lunar Priestess and Shadowraith. I’ve only got around Force*36000. I don't have a Epic+1 hero. If we have a quick look, Lunar Priestess is not as good as Djinni and Lunaria is not as good as Alecta. However, the enemy is still more powerful than me. Who will hold on the most? How can I defend against the enemy?

At the very beginning, two of my Heroes were killed, which is not that good. Then, Summon Snow and Alecta's ultimate skill can use the enemy's HP. When I lost my Heroes in the frontline, the enemy didn't have much HP left either. Don't forget that Atalanta was secretly accumulating Rage in the corner. When all AOE enemies were crippled, Atalanta cast the ultimate skill to finish off at least 1 to 2 enemies. After that, it became a lot easier to kill the enemy with lower HP to the rear.

So what? I was the winner in the end even though the enemy had Zweihander, Dark Paladin, Amazon Hunter and Lunar Priestess.

This time, I have to face a really elite formation. Three Epic+1 heroes now really want to crush my troops. 5-Star Epic+1 Night Sentinel would strike fear into Zweihander. So what! Make sure you don’t underestimate Nether Knight's Dodge. What should I do when Night Sentinel cast Deadly Arrow? Dodge and then kill him! My formation is always full of surprises. How can I defeat a formation with Force*42000 when I’ve only got Force*37000? How can I set up a successful defense?