Functions Guide

2015-03-13 15:58:51

Newbies might get a bit confused by the various functions of the game. Let’s take a quick look at some functions. 

league of angels

Gold Draw Card

Gold is never enough at the beginning when you can only get some from the instance and gold trial but you need to have it to upgrade hero and angel skills, activate aura and buy equipment. Good idea to just skip the function or you may lose gold. 
Diamond Draw Card
Except from getting soulstones in the instance, you can only get heroes from the draw. If you are lucky, you will get a 3-star card. If you are not, you can still get at least 1 from 10 draws. This means that it is a good idea to take the draw frequently for better heroes. A good starting is the key to success. Those with better heroes will get more resources. 


Normal Instance

The harder the instance, the better the rewards and the more the hero EXP you can get. Stamina cost and league EXP of each level is the same. High hero level is the key to improve the league power. High-level heroes can learn advanced skills and get better equipment. Try your best to pass as many instances as possible. When the normal instances are complete, elite mode will be available. 

league of angels

Arena Ranking

The only way to get great diamonds is to improve your arena historical ranking. At first, the top ranking players are all NPCs. They have different power, heroes and random formations. You can arrange your formation and heroes accordingly to defeat those NPCs. Generally speaking, normal players can get enough diamonds for 1 or 2 chances to have 10 diamond draws. Of course, it is easy for those who already have strong heroes to get more diamonds. PS: You can get diamonds by exchange your ranking with those with higher ones. Remember though, rewards of each place can be taken once only. The system will offer diamonds according to your ranking daily. Make sure you use this function.


Angel Trial

Rewards of Angel Trial are great. Each defeated guardian of a floor gives certain EXP potions. There will be a reward floor for each 1 or 2 passed floors where there is no guardian but a chest. You can get gold, trial token as well as equipment, EXP potions and angel shards from the chest. If you have enough diamonds, you can spend some to open more chests for bonus items. The more chests you open, the more expensive a chest will be. You are suggested to use the easy mode so you can pass more floors for more rewards.


Upgrade Training Slot

You will find it easy to upgrade before reaching Lv.40. But after that, heroes need much more EXP so they won’t be able to keep up with the progress of the league. It is a good idea to take all daily EXP potions as well as win EXP from the training slots. 

There are 5 kinds of training slots: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Each kind gives certain amount of EXP per hour. Make sure you upgrade those slots from the very beginning for more money. Blue slots are the most recommended one for its low costs and high output. If you have enough diamonds, feel free to buy purple and orange ones. 

Store and Mysterious Store

There are many kinds of stores in the game: Arena Store, Angel Trial Store and Mysterious Store. The heroes and equipment sold in the arena store can be exchanged with arena tokens and arena ranking rewards. The arena store refreshes every day at 21:00.

Similar to the arena store, the angel trial store also has special items like angel shards and equipment. You can exchange those items with tokens from the angel trial in the store. 

The normal store provides a random hero soulstone, an EXP potion and 4 pieces of equipment. All items in the normal store can be brought with gold except some rare hero soulstones that need diamonds. 

The mysterious store provides expensive high-level items like rare purple equipment. Purple equipment can be brought with diamonds. You need to find the mysterious merchant in the instance to enter the store. Remember, the mysterious businessman will disappear in an hour, so if you need those items, don’t miss out!