How to get diamonds for free

2015-03-26 16:02:05

I am sure you all know how important diamonds are in the game. Today let me tell you how to get great diamonds for free today!

Killing Monsters
Battles gives diamonds. The more you kill the more diamonds you will get. Each conquered chapter and elite instance gives diamonds. The harder the battle, the stronger the bosses, the more diamonds you get. 

And don’t forget to get a 3-star rating in each level for the glory chests that contain great diamonds as well as enticing resources!

Fighting in the Arena
Fighting in the arena is the fastest way to win diamonds. In your first battle in the arena, if you defeat the first recommended rival on the left, you will win 900 diamonds. When you reach new top score, you will also get diamonds. The higher you rank, the better the rewards. (Winning No.1 for the first time gives 500 diamonds!)
There is even more! Ranking high in the arena gives you diamonds every day. Try harder in the arena for great diamonds. 

Wisdom Diamond

Some special events in the game also give diamonds. “Check-in“,”event” and luxury “Pack” gives at least 1000 diamonds a month. The official benefits will be sent via email. Don’t forget to keep checking it. 

Except for that, there is another cunning quick way to win diamonds – paying close attention to League of Angel’s promotional channels. News of the official website, official Wechat and Weibo as well as information from each forum all give you great chances to win free diamonds.