Island Raid Intro

2015-06-03 14:38:03

On the mysterious guild islands, a group of brave adventures gathers at the pier. They will sail to the deep sea on the grandest fleet ever built. There are rich mines and countless treasures waiting. They will wage guild wars, raiding resources and battling Boss from the depth of the sea. An age that belongs to the brave is upon us!



Guild War will be divided into seasons, each season lasts a week. Guilds are matched according to their members’ Battle Ratings. Guilds get their respective territories and at the very heart of it are islands rich in Gold, Runes, Potions and Treasure.



When the raiding starts, all members should head to the islands and grab whatever resource they can grab. At the same time however, other guilds will also be trying their best to occupy islands and conflicts are always taking place. Situations are always changing. Members should coordinate attacks and have a good plan of attack.



Other than battles between guilds, battles take place with the Boss. At designated times, a Boss will appear to attack heroes on islands. Guild members should do their best to defeat the Boss for great rewards.



Players can explore the vast ocean to their hearts’ content and also have a chance to receive treasures that are adrift on the current! Join League of Angels: Fire Raiders and await for the totally awesome new version!


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