League of Angels:Fire Raiders Angel Emblem

2015-07-08 11:18:55
To further increase the strength of our heroes, and to make every hero useful, Fire Raiders is proud to released the Emblem System.
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders
We have separated the Emblem System into 10 categories, each buffing a specific trait of heroes.
Rage of Warrior - Increase attack for warrior class.
Shield of Warrior - Increase defense for warrior class.
Staff of Mage - Increase attack for mage class.
Orb of Mage - Increase defense for mage class.
Arrow of Steel - Increase attack for archer class.
Wind of Archer - Increase defense for archer class.
Gear of Bravery - Increase attack for male heroes.
Heart of Flame - Increase defense for male heroes.
Sword of Goddess - Increase attack for female heroes.
Light of Goddess - Increase defense for female heroes.
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders

Since players get different slot tickets, crystal orb, angels and heroes, it becomes increasingly important which emblem players focus on in the beginning. For example, if a player favors front row tanks and deals damage with back row DPS, the player should prioritize ‘shield of Warrior’ to boost defence and ‘Arrow of Steel’ to improve archer damage. Players should upgrade their Emblem according to their needs.
League of Angels -Fire Raiders 
Here, we will share a small secret of the Emblem System: prioritize Emblem Runes, because they effect the boost stats the most. Equipment and star level also hold significant influence over Emblem boost stats.
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders
When boosting stats in Emblem System, prioritize the hero on the top left(the one left of the Angel) because that hero’s class is the same as the target class of the Emblem. Focusing on the top left hero will buff that very hero and at the same time provide great boost to heroes of that class, it’s two birds with one stone.
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders
In fact, Emblem Crystals Orbs are vital, they can keep providing buffs to heroes of target class.
At the start, each Emblem only has 1 slot for the Angel and 2 slots for heroes unlocked. The other three hero slots needs to be unlocked by spending tokens obtained in Guild Treasure. Once complete, your heroes will be much stronger!
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders
League of Angels:Fire Raiders Emblem Slot Ticket
 League of Angels - Fire Raiders
You may upgrade the Crystal Orb by using various crystal items to increase Emblem Score, higher the score, greater the buff. Hero and Angel training also affect the score. Keep in mind however, the score does not directly translate to Battle Ratings.
League of Angels - Fire Raiders 
Elements that affect Hero rating:Level, Star, Equipment, Skill and Rune. Elements that affect Angel Rating: Level, Star, Skill and Aura. Completing and filling in slots in the Emblem System is a gradual process, however, prioritize according to your team is a great way to start!