Strategy Master - Nereida

2015-07-21 18:36:51
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: Yoshino
Server: Prospera (S4)

Hero Type:
-A mage with control skills and AOE attacks
-Capable of being an off-tank with her high defense and HP
-Extremely versatile

Summon Dragon: Awaken Dragon's power to deal great damage to enemies in the rear line.
Rating: Nereida's ultimate skill, she is able to deal decent damage to the back row but unless it crits, it doesn't do enough damage to threaten the back line.  Instead it can backfire and raise their rage. ;However if timed right, it can be used as a finisher to a injured back row enemy which is very useful. (3/5)

Torrent: Release a global flood by Dragon's power to cause great damage to an enemy and dizzy him.
Rating: A very strong skill, the enemy hit by it will be stunned for 2 rounds.  Nereida's signature control skill that can win you games by making one enemy useless.  
Decent damage as well and it can hit back line. (5/5)

Dragon's Soul: The inheritance of the dragon gives her a strong defense.
Rating: This skill increases Nereida's physical and magical defense.  This is what allows her to be a front line assistant tank. She is especially durable against magic attacks.  She can even walk away from Pyrona's fireball attack...more than once! (4/5)

Dragon's Heart: The inheritance of the Dragon gives her a strong HP boost.
Rating: The second skill that allows Nereida to tank efficiently.  Having a higher HP pool lets her take more hits, increase her rage more for more ultimate attacks, and lets her last longer to land more stuns.  Very useful and compliments her kit very well.  (4.5/5)

How to get:
Stones can be found in: Events, Super Divine draws, shop, mystery shop, and heroic stages
Hero unlock can be found in: Super divine draws, Mystic divine draws(?)

Nereida is a very versatile hero that can fit into any team. She is not a main tank but works well defending her own back line team mates by acting as an assistant tank.  Or she can stay in the back line and lock down the enemy team with her passive stun.  She is also very good in teams focused on killing the back line, her ultimate can be used to soften them up or act as a finisher.  Her only weak spot is that she is not very good at dealing front line or single target damage and her damage output is only average.  Overall, she is an amazing hero to have and can perform well no matter where you place her or what team you have.

SERVER: S4 Prospera

-Basically there are three (3) stages that you need to unlock first to farm for Nereida's soulstones. You can get them by chance in these stages:
A. Inverted Cliff (h) Chapter 3 (you can easily unlock this stage)
B. Arctic Furnace (h) Chapter 12 (this will be available at level 71)
C. Endless Sea (h) Chapter 13 (will be available at level 76)
NOTE: There is a limit of (3/3) of entry per Chapter but you can always replenish them using Diamonds. First replenish will cost you 100 Diamonds, 2nd is around 200 and it goes on and on.

- I still do not have Nereida in my Army of Heroes but I am working on it. I always admire her second skill which you can unlock by upgrading her to "blue" hero, this skill can cause enough damage and dizziness to her enemy.

- Nereida is not only a mage. If she is equipped and well runed she is a "MONSTER QUEEN" in my humble opinion. You can best put her in the front line as she is tough enough to absorb high damages. With her skills and abilities, there is nowhere you can escape her.

-I envy players who have Nereida in their army. She can do almost everything, decent damage, high HP and DEF and most of all useful skills. After competing several times in the arena, I told to myself "I need to do something to acquire Nereida" and since then, it's a work in progress.

Ign: Baloo
Server: S4 Prospera

Due to not getting alot of great dps characters, I have adopted Nereida to a strategy that has proven pretty proficient in both Angel Trials and PvP. It is a basic "Tank 'n Tank" build.

What you need for this is tanks, and alot of them. I use Earthshaker, Zweihander and Necate up front. I then follow up with Nereida and Djinni in the rear (Djinni is not a tank I know, but for Angel trials she is necessary). What this results in is a group that is, quite frankly, unkillable.

Now sometimes with a group like this you do need some luck with stuns and such since your dps will be a bit lacking. Against groups under/equal to your own b.r., you can kill them with ease and not lose a single group member. The higher the b.r. gets, of course the more difficult it is. Now if you go against an all dps team do not worry about this, but it is when you over reach your grasp against a team with a healer/shielder that you might find yourself in trouble.;

Regardless, just sit back and relax and try to time your special moves in unison to get the most optimal results.

Thanks for your time :)

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