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2015-07-21 19:52:12
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: Yoshino
Server: Prospera (S4)

Hero Type:
-Front line tank, able to withstand lots of damage
-Walling capabilities while debuffing front line damage
-Low damage output hero
-Plagued by a terrible skill set

Pegasus Meteor: Summon the power of the universe to deal damage to enemies in the front line and decrease their attack for 2 rounds
Rating: Low damage, debuffs front line enemies by 10% at base level, increasing as you level up the skill by 0.5%.  One of the weaker ultimates in the game.  Its damage output is mediocre at best and lowering the attack of the front line is usually useless as its full of low damage threat tanks.  Only moderately useful to further stall out arena matches in a turtle team. Would be a much better skill if it targeted the back row instead. (2/10)

God's Protection: Protected by divine power, it may release a shield that can deduct a set amount of damage for 2 rounds
Rating: Weak shield early on, but becomes increasingly durable as you level up the hero.  It becomes much better after unlocking Valkyrie's 3rd skill.  This is what makes Valkyrie a tanky hero, however the time limit on it and the susceptibility to being polyed out of it makes it not as strong as other tanks with shields.  (5/10)

Enhanced Protection: Its true faith has strong blessing effects, which can increase the max damage deduction of the shield
Rating: Makes the passive skill of Valkyrie from a passable ability, to a decent one.  What makes this skill bad however is the fact that its a skill.  This should be part of the passive ability, not an entire skill tier.  This is another one of the many reasons why Valkyrie is not a valid tank, she uses 2 skill tiers to make one above average passive. (3/10)

Valkyrie Glory: Bless from Valkyrie, extremely strengthen hero's HP
Rating: Standard HP buff skill and the one skill Valkyrie has that isn't terrible.  You can't really go wrong with more HP, makes her more tanky.  Which lets be honest, she needs all the help she can get.  (7/10)

How to get:;
Stones can be found in: Events, Normal divination draws, Super divination draws, Mystic divination draws, shop, mystery shop, and heroic stages
Full hero unlock can be found in: Super divination draws, Mystic divination draws


Valkyrie has all the makings of a good tank.  However, all her skills are tweaked so they have major flaws to them.  The ultimate skill is low damage and reduces front line damage, which is generally very low as they consist of tanks.  The shield withstands very little damage early on, needing a high level to be even noticeable and needs the Valkyrie's 3rd skill to make it somewhat effective.  Even after that, the time limit of 2 rounds on it and the susceptibility to CC is a major flaw that other shields have up sides to.  The 3rd skill itself is a waste of a skill slot and weakens her immensely.  Having a kit of only 3 real skills makes her impossible to use over other tanks.  The only thing Valkyrie has going for her is her rune slot selection, they are all geared to making her extra tanky.  She is just an impractical hero, her stones are also not that easy to acquire making her one of the least used heroes in the game... and for good reason.  Should be avoided and not used unless you like her for appearance sake.

Tester 2

GN: Nameless. 

Server: Mikaela,( s1).

I am not Valkyrie fanat. Its not more than hero, that can take a little more damage. So i cant say that its best choice for main team. And i ll explain why.
1. Shield defences only Valk. So in serious and long raid in angel trial Valk isnt "Wunderwaffe", you ll use it before you ll have one Valk and some weak fighters in team. Enemies can use aoe skills xD
2. Valk stiils really weak in damage dealing. Its skills cant do much damage. And no control skills.
3. Valk Is very random in using second skill, so Valk can be killed before using first skill, if random plays against you xD
As for me only way to use Valk is to have Valk in middle of first row with only 2 fighters in this row, so Valk will take hits from 2 columns of enemy. We need healer to heal rear fighers and good damage dealers. And you must pray for Valk uses 2nd skill xD
Valk can be your chance to win hopeless battle. But can be useless skillfodder. All depends from luck xD

Tester 3
IGN: Miyuki
Server: S5 - RoseKnight

Type: TANK

Pegasus Meteor
Effect: Dealt damage and lower enemy atk
How to unlock: Unlocked at no quality

God's Protection
Effect: Chance to make shield to absorb damage
How to unlock: Unlocked at green quality

Enchanced Protection (passive)
Effect: Increase the shield effect of God's Protection
How to unlock: Unlocked at blue quality

Valkyrie Glory (passive)
Effect: Increase max hp by certain amount
How to unlock: Unlocked at purple quality

Best formation
Note: the best placement is in the + and in front of enemy DPS.

A: angel
X: unusable/bad placement
+: recommended position

How to unlock
1 star = 10 Valkyrie Soulstone
2 star (upgrade) = 20 Valkyrie Soulstone
3 star (upgrade) = 40 Valkyrie Soulstone
4 star (upgrade) = 80 Valkyrie Soulstone (Assuming)
5 star (upgrade) = 160 Valkyrie Soulstone (Assuming)
* Valkyrie Soulstone is obtainable from Events and Elite (Stage 15) - Fierce Path(H) 

Valkyrie is one of the best tank in this game, while her shield can absorb damage her passive is good. If the placement is carried out perfectly, the outcome of battle may change to your favor.

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