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2015-07-21 20:09:35
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: Kunyari;
Server: Astral Child (9)

Now here's a mage with quite a utility! Talk about a solid support class!;

In a team that might get savaged by stuns/dizzy/sheep/bleed/poison, this guy is practically a solid option for support for any team. He fits in many different party-metas.

He exists solely to make sure everyone can function to their purest potential with his purification codex. As a special, he can actually delay an ongoing onslaught of ultras being barraged on you. (This is a life and death situation because you might need just 1 more turn for that healer to proc!)

He has a very high survivability rate against mages as well who concentrates on the back line! (Hello there, Arcane Spirit!);

Just with these 3 utilities alone, he can turn the tides of a losing battle and get everything back on track. Try him out in arena whenever you see Pyrona, Nereida, Amazon, (Have you fought Light Envoy yet? Oh my god!). you'll be glad to have him to render these enemies useless.

Just my 2 cents, mates. Cheers.

Tester 2
IGN: Metadon
Server: Mikaela(UK

I've had Exorcist since I started playing Fire raiders.;

He have saved me plenty of fights because of his ability Silent Words ( Strong AOE dmg to enemies and silences them for 1 round) but also his dispel(Purification may dispel all debuffs from teammates each round.);have made wonders versus players or monsters that can stun you, so those two skills alone can turn a bad looking fight into looking good again. He's also a good Magekiller because of his dispel and his skill Dispel Magic ( The bane of mages, it can also deal extra damage to enemy mages, DMG increased by 20%) ;So yea he's not only got a cool costume. ;) So the time I've played with him I couldn't say that I was disappointed, Mostly used him in fights against teams with pyrona or other big dmg dealing mages together with my berserker claw its awesome if berserker get his stun on the mage and then an AOE silence on the enemy from Exorcist. He's a real mage killer this tough guy. :-) So I'd say to you guys that'll recruit him to your army that you will not get disappointed with having Exorcist on your team!

Tester 3
IGN: Miyuki
Server: S5 - RoseKnight

Type: Support, Debuffer.

Silent Words
Effect: Attack all enemies and silenced them
How to unlock: Unlocked at no quality

Effect: Chance to dispel all debuff on all party members
How to unlock: Unlocked at green quality

Effect: Increase magic defense by certain amount
How to unlock: Unlocked at blue quality

Dispel Magic
Effect: Increase damage to mages by certain amount
How to unlock: Unlocked at purple quality

Rune List
HP = Unlocked at L30
Matk = Unlocked at L30
Pdef = Unlocked at L40
Hit = Unlocked at L50
Parry = Unlocked at L60

Best formation
[X][+][X] - [O][O][X]
[A][+][+] - [O][X][A]
[X][+][X] - [O][O][X]
Note: the best placement is in the + while the enemy in front of him are only 1.

A: angel
X: unusable/bad placement
+: recommended position
+: not recommended
O: enemy

How to unlock
1 star = 10 Exorcist Soulstone
2 star (upgrade) = 20 Exorcist Soulstone
3 star (upgrade) = 40 Exorcist Soulstone
4 star (upgrade) = 80 Exorcist Soulstone
5 star (upgrade) = 160 Exorcist Soulstone (Assuming)
* Exorcist Soulstone is obtainable from Events, Divination and Elite Stages.

Exorcist is a good support in the team, additionally he have the ability do attack all enemies plus silencing them for 1 round. To make his skill works in the best way possible, its good to put he in the front line while facing 1 enemy only, this way he will get more rage and using skill more often.

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