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2015-07-21 20:16:27
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
Server: s6

Hecate (3*) [Hero Type: Tank/ CC]
Overview: An all rounder 3-star Warrior who is mainly used as a Tank/ CC at early stages (lv.20 - 50). Additionally, her scythe deals vast amounts of damage to front line opponents which disables them with stun.

Hero Composition:
Pro: Since Hecate acts as a Tank, if;you manage to pull Hecate in your FIRST 10 Divinity Draw, use Hecate by replacing her with Netherknight. You will be able to breeze the early levels of the game (League lvl. 20 - 55) because she remains superior to the other starter heroes (NK, RK, GR, Pyrona, Atalanta)! Getting to Top 50 in the arena should be a piece of cake if you manage to fit your other hero composition well.

Cons:;At higher levels, she becomes weaker as compared to other Niche heroes (Pure Tank (eg. Zwei, NK) / Pure Heal (eg. Djinni, Lunar Priestess)/ Pure Damage (eg. Sentinel Hunter, Demonhunter) simply;because she is an All-rounder hero (Tank, Damage, Healer). At late game, niche heroes tend to outshine all-rounder heroes (eg. RK,Blood baroness, Mermaid)/
Secondly, her Shards are only obtainable at Chapter 10 ( unlocks at league lv.61). This means that you will have her at only 3-stars all the way till 61 while your opponents are able to farm hero shards. Take Note: Pro players would be able to rank up their players till 4* by lv60.

Conclusion: She is a useful hero which can help you tide through the early stages of the game! However I am personally not a fan of All-rounder heroes:)! Love her scythe by the way, as well as Alecta's. hahah!

Tester 2
IGN: Miyuki
Server: S5 - RoseKnight

Type:Healer, Control.

Best formation
[X][X][+] - [O][O][X]
[A][X][+] - [O][X][A]
[X][X][+] - [O][O][X]
Note: the best placement is in the +;while the enemy in front of him are only 1.
A: angel
X: unusable/bad placement
+: recommended position
+: not recommended
O: enemy

How to unlock
1 star = 10 Hecate Soulstone
2 star (upgrade) = 20 Hecate Soulstone
3 star (upgrade) = 40 Hecate Soulstone
4 star (upgrade) = 80 Hecate Soulstone
5 star;(upgrade) = 120 Hecate Soulstone
* Hecate Soulstone is obtainable from Events, Divination and Elite Stages.

Hecate is a control healer, place her in front line with 1 enemies in front of her. Since she was not a good tank, getting hit a few times may help her to build rage 

and using skill to stun enemies. Her heal almost or better than normal healer. Hecate is a must have and must use hero i ever seen.

Tester 3
IGN : Camtha
Server Number : S6 - Nightblade

Hecate has been accompanying me since the 1st day I play in the server. There aren't many people who use her due to her 'Jack of all trades' ability. 1st skill allow Hecate to attack everyone in front row with a certain percentage of stunning those enemies, which is really useful especially in Angel Trials. Imagine Pyrona and Berserker Claw 1 shot 2 enemies in front row, making the back row vulnerable. I only need to use my Hecate skill; and with those enemies getting stunned, I could slowly build my rage until it's sufficient enough for me to repeat the same strategy at next battle.

Her Soul Elegy skill which heals 2 teammates with the lowest HP plays an important role in my Angel Trial conquest as well. With no healers in my team, she and Nyssa is the only way for me to regenerate my HP during Angel Trial. With her healing skill being triggered every 2 turns, it allows my team to receive some damage at 1st turn only to be healed back at next turn and so on. Also many people are afraid of her healing skill in Arena hence thats why almost everyone that I meet turn their Pyrona against my Hecate for the Polymorph chance (and they usually manage in Polymorphing her  )

Her Passive Skill which increases max HP also makes me confident in placing her in front row to receive some damage to build rage making her my secondary tank besides Zweihander.

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