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2015-07-21 20:19:56
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
Server: UK1 Mikaela
IGN: Tauriel

I have Zweihander, gotten him from arena, buying his shards for 2 weeks (14 * 5 shards) and a 3 star Zweihander will be yours to command!
Zweihander is a very bulky tank for your team, with (very) low damage output, but a chance to stunon his swipe attacks. His skill increases his attack (meh), but also his hp and defense, which is amazing, since it lets Zweihander take even more damage before going down. I believe Zweihander to be one of the best tanks in the game (looking at you, roseknight @ too much dodge), and it can help you get out on top vs pesky damagers like Night Sentinel, Pyrona, and Amazon Huntress.
Zweihander is good on any team, since every team needs a good tank. He therefore excells at being put in the front row, possibly on the top spot (with another front down), or the mid spot (and other front up), so he is always targeted by 3 / 4 opponents, letting him escel at tanking duty. Zweihander really appreciates a healer in the backrow (Djinni, Lunar Priestess if you got lucky), and some nice damagers if you want to go offensice.

For a bulky team-build à la lets make the timer run out, Zeihander teams up perfectly with guardian (hp shields), Astral Child (more hp shields), Summoner (even more chance hp shields), healers like lunar priestess / djinni, ;and netherknight (moar hp shields).But above all, have fun with Zweihander!!!

PS: Zweihander sounds like a robot! A robot that grows bigger! ;I wonder what is underneath that metal suit of armor :P

Tester 2
IGN: Blinded
Server: Atalanta(S13)

To begin this strategy guide lets first state that he is a tank and with a tank you will need AOE damage dealers for him to truly shine in the arena and angel trials.;
-Used to absorb incoming damage from the enemies, which will allow your team to survive longer.

Great Team Comp: (For Mid to early Late game Arena)
Front Line:;Zweihander, Rosa Knight;
Back Line: Demon Hunter, Healers of your choice, Atalanta.;

Interchangeable units: Demon Hunter can be changed for Pyrona and or Astral Hunter
Rosa Knight can be changed for Berserker Claw or Nether Knight;
Atalanta is pretty much one of the top monsters unless you pull multiple 3 star units such as EarthShaker

Special Abilities:
Skill 1: Increases Hp upper Limit, the existing Hp and Battle Force while boosting immunity and reducing damage.;
Explanation:;Increases HP and Attack while reducing damage taken

Skill 2: The large saber might damage enemies and leave them stunned.
Explanation: Can attack and stun enemies in front line.

Skill 3: The Hero's strong will grant him hp
Explanation: More Hp

Skill 4: The armor blessed by divine light can block attacks and protect his owner
Explanation: Awesome Shield (This is his key ability for Arena and Tanking in general)

These Skills being explained, He is a top tier unit with great survive-ability. He can cause an aoe front line stun
as well as tank Berserker claw and sentinel damage. I would say he is a must have unit especially for F2P players since you can get him from the arena shop. If you are reading this guide please please make sure to get him as your next monster you will not regret it.

Tester 3
IGN: Smushroom
Server: ByronBlack S12

There is no doubt that he is the most stable and reliable tank in the game, and you can not even take down;Zweihander during the;arena fight unless you have NS or Pyron(one with high damage and one with "sheep"skills). My opinion is:;Zweihander can only be killed before he release his 1st spell, otherwise, a team with; Zweihander and Djinni is really hard to beat; once he release his 1st spell, he can resist most;debuffs which make him every strong !!!

However, Zweihander also has his drawbacks. his damage is very low so that he can easy help opponents to gain rage and because of his low;dodge;rate and low Agi, he is always the slowest;heroes, once opponents have NS, Demon hunter or Atalanta,;Zweihander may have a rare chance to;survive for more than 2 rounds.

I personally think that the possible team formation for;Zweihander is : Front Line-;Zweihander, Nether Knight, Back line:;Berserker Claw, Djinni, NS. This team is very balanced on both offensive and;defensive side.

Or if you want to build a pure defensive team: trying to use;Zweihander, Nether Knight, Hecate, Djinni plus Berserker Claw or NS.

For angel trail, he did not help a lot simple because he is not that durable. if you can not restore his HP, for the next floor battle, he will only have half HP and when he active his 1st skills, Zweihander may only have 1/4 HP, and for the next floor, he might have only 1/3 HP to start with..... ;the key point for angels is the control and heal, not tank!!;

Overall, there is no hero suit for every situation, that makes the game more interesting and;versatile.;

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