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2015-07-21 20:23:18
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: WTFlush
Serve Cain (UK3)

The shield that this guy gives is worth having him around. It affects your entire front line, and is very difficult to break through. If it goes off at a crucial moment in arena, you'll most likely win.His purple skill simply increases HP, which seems a little out of place on a support, but combined with his shield, it does allow him some flexibility when it comes to battle placement, meaning he can stand in as a third front liner in a pinch, should the situation call for it. All in all, he's one of the better supports and worth investing your time into.

Hero Spotlight: Guardian
Let's start talking about Guardian himself as a stand-alone hero.
He is a mage and,;although;he;has almost zero damage output,;he's a great tank, capable of sustaining various hits from enemies thanks to his useful skills and runes.
His passive skill increases the health points pool, moreover he got runes to raise hp even more as well as increasing physical (PD) and magical defense (MD). There is also an agility rune which helps him being one of the first heroes acting in battle; this is a clue point since he needs to reduce enemies attack power as soon as possible. He rarely attacks the opponent and only with the normal attack giving him(the enemy) low rage. Instead Guardian builds rage normally and once fully enraged he releases his shield to protect himself from a great amount of damage based on his max hp and his magical attack. This is what makes Guardian reliable and how he would act;by himself.

In-deep analysis:
Guardian is the perfect support hero everyone needs.;As alrdy mentioned the most important runes are HP,PD,MD and AGI; these are vital for a tanky character placed in the front row.
1) Blessing shield: gives a shield to all front heroes preventing an amount of dmg equal to a nice percentage of their max hp plus a huge percentage of Guardian's MA.
2) Honor blessing: boosts the attack of the 2 strongest allies making them more deadly.
3) Divine might:;reduces the dmg of the 2 strongest enemies.
And the last one is the passive hp boost.
Runes plus skills make him incredibly "powerful" in defensive arena formation and almost no one will be able to take it down before time runs out.;
Guardian boosts his allied power and reduces;enemies' power compensating the fact he deals no damage. Afterall it isnt really a 4 vs 5 match as it seems. The best combo in my opionion is Nether Knight, Mermeid and him in front. Mermeid can heal and increase defense of one ally every round. She's tanky as well with her dodge rate and high hp. Nether Knight has crazy dodge, magical defence, parry, and a shield himself converting damage into health. This is a really solid front tank row. The weakness would be if you face a CC (crowd control) team formation disabling Guardian shield and Mermeid heal resulting in a total loss. How to work it out? Simply add Exorcist in the back row for is great dispel that almost works every round. Exorcist also has a chance to silence all enemies with his ultimate. As last hero i would suggest picking Hecate. He can ;help healing 2 people from time to time and;stun the entire front row giving more time to shield and heal. Overall i think this is the best formation Guardian fits in, the purpose is defending your arena rank and the key hero is the Guardian.
Guardian is also very good for high trial levels helping to survive the first ultimate cycle from those high dps in higher floors resulting in a 3 star achievement. So in easier stages let him build rage and unleash his shields when you need it. This tactic works also in adventure boss stages when they deal a lot of dmg and you have problems getting the desired 3 star level in order to blitz.
If u want to be more offensive switch back row with Berserker Claw and Night Sentinel, 2 of the top single dps. Front row with Guardian will still be able to tank for a long time while the back row works on killing the targets.
In conclusion Guardian works in every kind of situation. Alone he cant do much but with a well planned formation it will make you unbeatable. Don't have him yet?;Go get him!

Tester 2
IGN: Lalothen
Server: Mikaela (UK1)

When I first started playing LoA: Fire Raiders, I didn't really pay much attention to the Guardian hero, as I was more focused on mitigating damage through healing using heroes like Djinni and Lunar Priestess. However, as I have gotten deeper into the game I have come to realise just how powerful the Guardian hero can be in virtually any aspect of gameplay from Angel Trial to Arena. Here's a breakdown of why he's so good:

1) Blessing Shield
This is his main utility spell in the field, which shields the entire front row against an amount of damage based on a percentage of the hero's hp + a percentage of the Guardian's attack. This ability - when used effectively - can mean the difference between winning and losing a battle. It can be used in multiple ways, such as preemptively during Angel Trial to stop the enemy team from doing any damage before you kill them, or reactively during certain battles when an enemy hero is about to fire off a powerful skill that would kill one of more of your front row.

2) Honor Blessing
This ability, when it triggers, grants bonus attack to the two members of your party with the highest attack. There's not really much to say about this, beyond it makes your most powerful damage-dealing heroes even more powerful, allowing you to deal more damage in a shorter amount of time, thus increasing your odds of winning.

3) Divine Might
This does the opposite of Honor Blessing, reducing the attack of the two highest-attack heroes of the enemy party. Again, there's not a great deal to say about this beyond the fact that it can seriously reduce the damage output of the enemy party, again increasing your chance of winning.

I haven't gotten my Guardian beyond lvl 50 yet, but the first four runes available to him - HP, PD, MD & Agi - make him a great off-tank. This ability to tank means you can put him in the front row allowing him to shield himself as well as your two other front row heroes, which can be instrumental in winning a battle.

My favourite strategy:
Given the Guardian's ability to tank well thanks to his runes, I usually place him in my front row so he can gain the benefit of his own Blessing Shield, allowing him to survive longer (which can be key in longer fights). Dependent upon the situation I'll either place him with four other damage-dealing heroes - typically in Angel Trial or Elite Adventures - or three damage-dealers and a healer like Lunar Priestess or Djinni for activities such as the Hero Trial or Arena. I don't usually use him in Gold Trial, as little damage mitigation is needed, and his slot is better served by a damage-dealing hero.

In certain circumstances it can be better to have him in the back row - for example against enemy parties that have a heavy AoE or that have heroes that hit the back row (such as Amazon Hunter) - as his runes allow him to take a decent amount of punishment, whilst his Blessing Shield will allow a third squishy, high-damage hero to be placed in the front row instead.

Final Word:
On the whole, unless you're working on an all-out burst damage team, there's really little reason not to use the Guardian in almost any aspect of general gameplay. In tandem with a healing hero he can make a party almost impossible to kill, but also used alone instead of a healing hero, the combination of his full front row shield and his attack buff and debuff, make him one of the best off-tanking utility heroes available.

Tester 3
IGN: chAzuretide
Server: 9

Arena (defense): Guardian shines in arena defense. ;Since your opponents do not get choose when their abilities go off, they are often unable to focus the major damage that it takes to get past a tank shielded by the guardian before one of your healers is able to restore its health. ;Place him in the bottom row right spot so that he can take some damage and produce his shield more often. ;This also forces opponents to put some of their heavy hitters in the bottom row to deal with him. ;Putting a character that can stun or sheep next to him in the back row will enable him to survive much longer and can help. ;The idea with the guardian is to protect your team long enough for the timer to run out creating a "turtleing" effect. The best tanks to use with him are most like nether knight and zwei as their additional defenses are especially difficult to get through when shielded. ;The final party member should be a healer to heal back up the team while they are shielded from damage making the team extremely tough to deal with. rating 5/5

Arena (offense): Guardian does not function well in an offensive arena team. ;Because most of the time when you attack someone they have a defensive team, usually their damage output is not substantial enough to warrant the use of guardian. ;Additionally the defense wants the timer to run out as they win on a run. ;This means that a team should focus on using high damage dealers to finish off enemies so that they can win before the time ends. ;Rating 1/5

Angel Trial: In angel trials guardian's use is largely dependent on the team you are fighting. ;He will excel against teams where there is a lot of front row damaging abilities. ;He will also excel at battles that have no healers in the opposing team since the opposing team's damage output will be higher and your team will need protecting more. He does not do well against turtleing teams that require a large damage output to take down. ;His offense is rather weak and he does not contribute much against these teams. ;Additionally, he does not contribute much against teams that have large amounts of rear row damage. ;In fact he does almost nothing against these teams. ;If you run into one of these teams leave him out in favor of something else. Rating 3/5

Gold trial: He is useless in gold trial. Never use him in gold trial. ;He does almost no damage and the damage output of your opponenets is next to nothing. ;rating 0/5
Hero trial: Like angel trial his usefulness is going to be limited by the type of team you are fighting against. ;He is slightly better in the mage trial as his stats are boosted but otherwise his use is the same as in angel trials. Rating 3/5

Adventuring: Again his use is similar to angel and hero trials with the exception that he provides a slightly lesser benefit in adventuring as often opposing monster teams will have small teams and you do not need his additional protection against them. ;He is more useful in the boss battles but since that is only 1/3 fights in each adventure his score is lower.Rating 2/5

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