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2015-07-21 20:35:12
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: Finalhecate
Server: S5

Nyssa is a healer. she is an angel support type...; Her effect are heal 3 lowest hp member or heal one lowest member and give him shield. depend on how you put the formation of your group you can have two person in front your tank being the one in the middle and a warrior on the bottom..; if the tank goes below the threshold you can heal him and put a shield [this is great for zweih tanks]].....timing Nyssa's heal is crusial in battle, but remember the gauge fill up every turn so you have to make sure you use her wisely you cannot just heal every moment possible. usually I think that takes 2 turns and your gauge would be full,Timing.; If you know you are about to go a turn you can use the heal than so when your turn is up you gain a gauge...I was working on her until I find out at higher lvl she is in the shop, I took her immediately since she gave rage and 3 heals plus one heal timing for shields... she is also at the daily event and its another must angel that you have to get [suppot everone is mostly using her now]...

Here a video of a angel's trial; to show how I utilize her and when I utilize her...;; copy and paste on search engine

Skill usage at:;; 3:46 [ increase the remaining heals while boosting rage for next battle]
5:03 keeping member at top shape while increasing boost again for next battle
7:01; tank in danger saving him while adding a shield for the rest of the attack that my opponent will make
9:51 3 heals cause next battle would be one by easy multiple skill usage in timing......

As you see Nyssa is a plus for angel trials and other such as the boss in hero trial , you can use the shield to negate the attack and add heals to give you that extra turn to release that barrage attack.

Tester 2
Server: S1 Mikaela (global server)
IGN: Tauriel

I already have Nyssa and she is qutie an interesting angel. She is your best bet for a healing angel untill you get Athena. She can easily be gotten at lvl 40 (achievable very fast) from the Angel Trial Shop.;
Her first attack is a single target heal that gives its target a shield to reduce even more damage. Her second skill heals 3 members and gives them soem rage too. (targets are teammates with the lowest health.) My opinion on her so far is that her heals are quite low, much lower than any hero healer on your team will heal for. 

Therefore, she is good as a backup healer, but not as your main one, since your team will surely die. The main reason to use her is for the shield she gives, which reduces quite a bit of damage, and for the (very small) ;bit of rage her 3 target heal gives. Although it is very little, it can be used to just gain that little bit of extra rage to activate your heroes skill.;

Her Halo is remniscent of all other angels, so the msot important thing to notice here is that Nyssa 's level cap is 60, so you might want to get another angel after that. Wait until lvl 70 to get a better healer / boosting angel in Athena, so stick with Nyssa until then if you want a support angel. Otherwise, get a damage dealing angel instead.

Summary: Nyssa is the best healing angel until you rach lvl 70 (or get very lucky with card draws or something.) Stick with her till then if you want that little bit extra support to back up your team. She has not dissappointed me so far as far as my expectations went. If only she would heal for a bit more.

Tester 3
Server: Prospera S4

I like Nyssa because of her healing skills with bonus shield and rage.
SKILL A - Nyssa will summon a Tidal Power to heal the teammate with the lowest HP and grants him a shield for two (2) rounds.
SKILL B - Chants Neptune Spell ;to cure three (3) friendly units with the lowest HP and grants them 50 rage.
- You can have her at one (1) star by obtaining 10 soulstones.
- You can also buy her soulstones in the Angel Trial Shop at 800 angel points.
- Lastly, by doing Celestial.;
- Nyssa's maximum level is 5 STARS
- 10 soulstones = 1 STAR
- 20 soulstones = 2 STARS
- 40 soulstones = 3 STARS and it goes on and on.
1. Nyssa Contract - Grants ATTACK to all deployed heroes
2. Nyssa Power - Grants HP to all deployed heroes
3. Nyssa Shield - Grants DEF to all deployed heroes
4. Nyssa Speed - Grants AGILITY to all deployed heroes
5. Nyssa Rage - Grants CRIT to all deployed heroes

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