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2015-07-21 20:38:43
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
Server: 9
IGN: chAzuretide

Amazon Breakdown:
The amazon is a hard hitting archer who fits in a variety of environments. I will break down how she does in each of the game modes:

Arena (offense): In arena amazon excels at offense. ;She should be protected in the back row and is excellent at sniping the enemies healer or rear defense units. ;She should always be put in a row where she can hit both units and her poison is a great way to whittle down an opposing tank’s HP so that she or another team member can finish it off. ;The downside to amazon is that she relies on others to protect her long enough to finish off the enemies and she will die soon after the front line is gone. She should be pared with units that can stun or sheep to further her protection. ;Rating (4/5)

Arena (defense):;In defensive arena amazon acts much like she did in offence. She is substantially weaker however as your opponent can easily rearrange their party to leave only 1 unit across from her and minimize her threat. She still benefits from a tank in the front row and stuns and sheepers to assist her however there are better units to utilize if you have them in arena defense. Rating (2/5)

Angel Trial: In arena amazon is a great finisher unit to eliminate pesky units in the back row while setting up damage on the front row tanks. She especially shines when put across from a healer and having other rear row damaging units on your side like neirda or grimbow. She is more useful the higher levels of angel trial when you need to be able to do significant damage to eliminate the most threatening units before they can decimate your forces. ;Rating (5/5)

Heroic Trial: In heroic amazon works well as a damage dealer. Position her to get the most out of her line damaging ability. She also does well against one on one due to her rapid attack. She shines especially in the archer mode as this provides her with additional bonuses that make her a beast. There may be better choices some of the time than her but not often especially if there are two enemies in a row. Rating (4/5 or 5/5 in archer mode)

Gold Trial: In gold trial amazon is an ok choice there are no specific benefits to her except her high damage out put. She does excel in the 1 enemy scenario as her poison will trigger often and her multi hit will cause tons of damage. Her ultimate ability is not that great though in this format and there are better tailored heroes to have the maximum output depending on which opposing team is used. Rating(3/5)

Adventure: Amazon is alright in adventure mode. She lacks longevity and usually the opposing units die before her poison triggers. She is good at eliminating the enemy boss units that are alone and dealing with back row nuisances when they are present. She is a good selection when other higher damagedealers like sentinel are not available. Rating (4/5)

Tester 2

IGN: Ban
Server: Nereida(s19)

Amazon Hunter, "The Queen of Queen of Jungles". Raised in the jungle together with dangerous beasts allowed him to hone his Animal-like instincts. 

"To Hunt or to be Hunted"

Class: Archer/Hunter
Role: Killer, Negative Buffer
Position: Back Lane

1. Throws a poison dagger which deals damage on first strike and inflict poison which deals damage per second (DPS
2. Use her high agility to do a fast multiple-strikes to one hero at the front lane and decreases their defense.

Super Skill:
1. Using her super agility, she make an sonic-like attack that deals terrifying damage on a row.

Reasons to had this Hero / Why first eliminate this Hero:
1. High Damage Dealer
2. Anti-mage and Anti-archer ( Anti-Back Laners)
3. Decreases the defense of tankers to make them an easy prey.
4. High Damage per Second (DPS)

Friendly Allies:
1. Pure tankers like Zweihander

2. Tankers with Very Helpful skills like Hecate(Heal and Lane damage), Rose knight(Stun and two-hero damage), Nether knight(single-hero High damage)

King o' Bones(Lane damage, Negative buff), Atalanta(Aurora), Berserker Claw(Singe-hero high damage and Stuns Back laners), Earthshaker (Stun) Dark Paladin (Stun and Lane damage).

3. Buffer like Guardian(Damage Resist and Attack up), Mermaid(Healer and Defens;Up), Astral Child(Buff and damage barrier), Light Envoy (Buff)

Best Formation for me:;
;Front A1 -Zweihander
;Front A3 -Blood Barones
;Back B1 -Djinni
;Back B2 -Amazon Hunter;
;Back B3 -Guardian
Angel: Mikaela (Damager)
Note: Back laners can switch places when attacking depends on the formation of the enemy, better put Amazon Same line with the mages or archer which will be a pain like healers and buffers and back row killers, if pyrona is present better place AH on same position as pyrona.

Tester 3

IGN: WTFlush
Server: Cain (EU3)

Class: archer
Role: damage dealer and debuffer

In short, Amazon Hunter is a deadly dps hero with poison mastery. She best fits in an offensive team formation based on physical attack. So get yourself two front row tanks and place her flanked with other two DDs in the back row.

Skills description:
Spear Throwing- extremely powerful linear shot that hits heroes in the same row
Poison Dagger- normal hit that applies a poison effect on the rear hero she is facing (lasts 2 rounds). If none, she throws the dagger to the front hero. In-game tooltip is wrong: in fact it is not a bleeding effect but a poisonous one (even the animation is different, not red but greeny) Mind-numbing Poison- physical attack that reduces target physical defence. The first level already decreases defence by 11 Forest Eyes- passive critical booster

Runes: HP, PA, AGI, HIT and CRIT.
HP rune is purely to survive those few heroes capable of hitting the back line. Remember, a dead dps makes no damage. The rest of the runes make the hunter a reliable-fast-high-hitter killing machine.

Main use:
Firstly her poison deals a lot of dmg and it is capable of killing a back squishy healer or dps soon enough to make him useless. Amazon Hunter has high agility and most likely she will hit first and the poison ticks for 2 rounds at the beginning of the target turn. The enemy might die even before acting.

Secondly, as stated before, she decreases physical defence. This helps taking strong tanks down faster. Pair her with Snow Queen, who can decrease defence as well and not even Zweihander will be a tough challenge.

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