Strategy Mater- Headless Horsemen

2015-07-21 20:50:09
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
Server: ElfVillage (S20)

The Headless Horsemen is a versatile hero whom fits the role of a off-tank as opposed to a Main-tank such as Zweihander or Nether Knight. However, the Headless Horsemen can be placed in the Middle to counter such heroes whom rely on skills to boaster their defense.

The Headless Horsemen's 1st skill at level 1 deals damage and gives a 41% chance to silence an enemy for 2 rounds. His passive attack allows him to drain HP and Rage while his 3rd and 4th skill boasters his health and attack.

The Horsemen as mentioned above can be placed dead centre to counter heroes which rely on skills to defend, alternatively he can be placed as an off-tank together with other crowd control front line heroes such as Hecate or Earthshaker.

For a truely devastating team which win by control the tide of battle, the Horsemen can be backed by mages whom also have control skills such as Blue Witch, Pyrona or Nereida.

Though be weary as full control setups require a certain amount of luck as such skills can and will miss, further a team of full controls would mean that your team will have lack heals save for your choice of angel.

Tester 2
Server: Larolei S1

Headless Horsemen has many roles in different set up and party combination.

Support tank
Crowd control
Sustain damage dealer

1st skill chance to silence 2 enemies
2nd skill life steal
More Health due to 3rd skill
4th skill increases atk passively, increases 1st & 2nd skill's damage output

Since Headless Horsemen is not a full tanker so it has
Low dodge
Low parry rate
Defense quite moderate
Not useful in Gold Trial

Front row
Always place in rows that have 2 enemies
Identify which enemies are crucial to silence
Never put him at the back if you are lacking of tanks

Overall stats wise: 
Low in dodge, parry, defense. 
High in attack, critical, health

Rating: 8/10

I would say this hero is worth to get for Hero Trial, Angel Trial and PvP

Tester 3
IGN: Vindictus
Server: ElfVillage(S20)

I don't have him nor have I ever encounter him during a battle, but I heard of him from old legends and myths and judging from his characters and solid research, I have concluded with the following information. 


The 'Headless Horseman' has high numbers in terms of stats to begin with starting with the HP, higher than the norm. Not only that, the PATK (Physical Attack) and;PDEF (Physical Defense) is quite high MDEF (Magic Defense). These stats are just the beginning, with these stats to start with in my opinion, just a little grooming and you'll agree with me that the 'Headless Horsemen' would be the one carrying the team or shall I say the "head" of the team (Rose Knight, you can finally become my supporter, good job buddy). No doubt, I would want one.


As a gamer and a melee addict, I have always gone for the Melee's or High DMG's figures. I'd dare say the 'Headless Horseman' himself is a Melee Tank, with high attributes in PATK and high defense with it's big numbers in HP and PDEF as I've mentioned before he is the worthy one to carry the team. With such a hero, not only does it benefit you through praises from in game members but it will ride with you through battles and countless victories. Overall, Headless is a must have for all in my opinion. I strongly believe it;has all the assets I deem it to possess. A priceless and worthy Hero.;

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