Strategy Master - Soul Slinger

2015-07-21 21:05:32
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:

Server: 9IGN: ZioCenny 

Server: Fosrindil (EU2) IGN: chAzuretide

Soul Slinger = Control Power
Negates the possibility to gain Hp and Rage, DoT with Burn and drains rage.;
His place is in backline, he needs high protection (earthshaker or elder dwarf in fronline), it's not reccomandable if the enemy has grimbow, amazon hunter or blue witch. If you want to avoid polymorph, put an Exorcist in your team.

Exorcist, Lunar Priestess, Minotaur

1) Frontline: EarthShaker, Dark Paladin
    Backline: Exorcist, SoulSlinger, Hecate;
This Combo Provides Massive Protection and Moderate DMG

2) Frontline: HellHound, Elder Dwarf, Rose Knight
    Backline: Mermaid or Djinni, SoulSlinger
This Combo is good to use only if the enemy doesn't have heroes who destroy your backline. It provide Massive HP regain and tankiness and very high DMG

Tester 2
IGN: BanIGN: DuncanQuinn
Server: S17 KingBones

1. Strategy: Soul Slinger is unique in that he regenerates rage passively every 2 rounds. This 4th ability is critical in placing him properly in a team. Due to Soul Slinger's high Magic Attack, his first rage ability serves as a nuke, much like Pyrona but unlike Pyrona, Soul Slinger's nuke is for squishy targets such as Berserker Claw, Atlanta, and healers. Thus, his prime position is in the front line. The massive rage regeneration coupled with his agility will allow him to constantly drain rage from the enemies while putting supreme pressure on the healers due to his healing de-buff. Plus, his rage drain ability will prevent the enemy team from generating rage. This will allow your team to crush;enemies;in arena battles that utilize control champs such as Light Envoy and healers such as Mermaid and Djinni.

A team comp that suits Soul Slinger would be as follows:
Front line: Soul Slinger, Mermaid, Elder Dwarf
Back line: Pyrona, Berserker Claw/ OR Pyrona, Night Sentinel
Elder Dwarf provides crowd control in the form of stuns and is durable with his shield and sustain. Mermaid increases defense further of all front line heroes. Front line heroes;statistically;generate more rage due to them being in a position to absorb more attacks. This means more heals from mermaid, more nukes from Soul Slinger and more stuns from Elder dwarf. The back line consists of two nukers to break through the enemy frontline. Berserker claw replaces Night Sentinel when more stuns are needed to prevent enemies form casting abilities.

With the amount of stuns this team has coupled with Soul Slinger sapping rage;constantly, it should be an easy fight!

Tester 3
IGN: Antoniocesc
Server: MoonTemple(S22)

Soul Slinger is one of the best an most underrated heroes of the game, I just got it a few days ago and I'm impressed with he's power, I even use it before other "stronger" heroes that I have.
Many people call him a control hero, and they may be right, but I seriously take him for a killer, he's too effective, gaining rage like crazy cause of his abilities, and he also has a great hit.

Personally, I use it with ATHENA as my Angel, because of the ability of gaining rage for you heroes (and health, of course)

My combination for him is this:


Nether Knight: It's great for the enemys to focus on him and leaving Soul Slinger alone
Atalanta: She's my strongest hero and I use her always.
Rose Knight: He sort of "protects" the other heroes.

Pyrona: Love the polymorph ability here because it disables one enemy, so Soul Slinger can execute him more easily.
SOUL SLINGER: He's genious, I can't belive how effective his "magic stripping", it doesn't just kill the enemy most of the times, but if it doesn't, it kills it slowly, cause of the effects of disabling it from gaining hp and rage.
Magic Burning is great for having him using his abilities faster, and Magic Amplification is just unfair, too good.

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