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2015-07-21 21:12:25
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
S34 (ThornWalls)

Once Djinni reaches Purple, she becomes the game's top healer alongside the rather rare Lunar Priestess. Djinni is an all rounder, whether it's Angel Trial, Questing or even PvP, so farming her Soul Stones (at the Arena) from the start is highly recommended. She's not a damage dealer so don't expect her to help finish the battle, but she does make a freaking good job at keeping everyone alive.

Special Formation: The Immortal Hydra
Angel: Athena (3+ stars)
Front: Nether Knight + Elder Dwarf
Back: Djinni + Lunar Priestess + Exorcist

This is more of a for-fun formation (and I haven't tested this one) but this should be a formidable combination in theory. As the name suggests, this group should be able to survive (and win) anything so long as there isn't much gap in level.

Nether Knight (NK) and Elder Dwarf (ELD) are powerful tanks that can heal themselves in their own way, giving them high survivability. NK has a strong single-target attack which is good because it doesn't feed rage. Constant heals from Djinni, Lunar Priestess (LP) and Athena makes the forefront even harder to kill (and so is the back). Exorcist (Ex) makes sure that everyone is free from debuffs so skills can be used all through out the battle. Ex can also silence enemies preventing them using any skills; combine that with ELD's stun ability and we have a decent crowd control.

Obviously, the downside to this is the long battle since there are only 3 reliable attackers, but this should make battles really fun to play. Also, Light Envoy (LV) can replace LP. She can feed rage to her allies along with Athena, so you can cast skills consecutively with some luck.

Tester 2
IGN : WmLJustice
Server: DoomCatidel(EU7)

Recommended formation:
Angel: Styx
Heroes:  Djinni, Pyrona, Night Sentinel, Zweihander, Berserker Claw
Zweihander fully deserves the titles of First Warrior and First Tank in game. His ultimate skill "God of Swords" can help increase HP and attack. What's more, the skill also has MDEF and PDEF.
Berserker Claw the third skill Fury can increase Crit. The epic skill Bloodmoon Oath can increase attack. Apart from the massive damage dealt on a single target by the ultimate skill Berserker Claw, the Hero is ahead of everyone else in the ranking in the later stages of the game. The second skill Boomerang can also stun the enemy to the rear and cause considerable damage.
Night Sentinel Great at causing a lot of damage on a single target while also bypassing a target’s defense. He is able to kill everything in a flash afterwards. Any tank up against him is completely vulnerable. However, his weak point is lower Hit. He can work with lots of Heroes in so many formations. Players can exchange Trial Tokens for Night Sentinel.The second skill Double Shot Range mainly helps him cause damage. When the skill is triggered, it will cause massive damage on a tank. When it works with the third skill Find Weakness, it can ignore 100% of the enemy’s defense, bringing nothing but fear to any foe. The ultimate skill Spiral Arrow still causes damage on a single target, but is fiercer than the second skill. With the passive Crit and Crit damage bonus brought by the epic skill Heart Strike, Night Sentinel can launch an attack to kill any enemy. 
Pyrona she can cause the most damage on a single target among all mages.Pyrona can cause the most damage on a single target. The ultimate skill Fiery Blast can cause the same amount of damage as Night Sentinel. The second skill Polymorph allows Pyrona to control the enemy for 2 rounds while causing high levels of damage. It is deadly even to tanks. The third skill Flame Mastery increases the damage caused by the ultimate skill Fiery Blast. The epic skill Gift of Magic brings Pyrona a certain amount of Rage after casting Fiery Blast. In addition, Mages always restore Rage quickly. This means that Pyrona is able to keep up full Rage at the end of a battle in the Angel Trial.
Djinni has already replaced Lunar Priestess and is now the best healer in the game. Although Djinni make look like a little girl, she is great at healing. After upgrading, the second skill Sacred Lume can help heal the friendly Hero with the lowest HP every 2 rounds. The ultimate skill Djinni Prayer can help Heroes in the frontline restore HP. With the aid of her epic skill Lantern Prayer, it can help all friendly Heroes restore HP. The third skill Meditation can passively increase attack and her healing effect. 
Styx, First Skill "Styx Storm" is stun with the enemies. The Second Skill "Hades Judge" is damage 3 enemy units and transfer their rage to the friendly units with the lowest rage. 

Very High DPS, rage quickly increases through angels and throw the ultimate skill.

Angel: Styx
Front: Zweihander + Berserker Claw
Back: Night Sentinel + Pyrona + Djinni

Tester 3
id: WTFreb0rn (number zero, not letter o)
server: Cain EU3

3 healers in game currently. Namely Mermaid, Dijini and Lunar Priestess. (also the jack-of-all-trade, hectace)

Mermaid gives a very strong single target passive heal, really change the tide of battle when it triggers. The downside is the ultimate skill only heal front row and the passive heal is very very rng. sometimes dont even happen at all for a 1.30min battle.

Dijini is said to be the perfect Angel Trial hero. She has passive smart heal which heals 2 of your weakest heroes every 2 turns. And the ultimate affects front and backrow(after getting purple upgrade). As we all know how dangerous those Angel trial opponents are (over 10k BR higher than you), having your main team staying alive is crucial to get to floor 50. Backrow healing capabilities of Dijini regarded by many as the BEST!

Lunar priestess, the way I see it, is not a full time healer. She is part time healer, part time buffer as her passive only gives buffs to 2 teammates by increasing rage and attack. Even though I do not have her, I faced her many times in Angel trials. She is not the biggest threat as long as you dont hit her, her rage gain will be slow and hopefully you already kill 1 or 2 enemy heroes by the time she saved up enough rage.

So it comes down to 2 main healers, dijini and mermaid.
dijini's survival stats are not as good as mermaid but in my opinion she gives more overall heals. As long as you put her somewhere safe (eg away from berserker or amazon poison or front row, you should be able to heal a whole lot more than mermaid.;
If you have both a similar BR level, I would recommend Dijini for AT and while attacking players of known formation, island plundering and ;that you could see a safe spot for your healing machine. Mermaid I would use in AT and also defensive formation. Mermaid can be put in frontline at times but dijini would not stand a chance i think.

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