Strategy Master - Blood Baroness

2015-07-21 21:24:15
Dear captains, feel young and inocent? Check the suggestions from advanced players!

Tester 1:
IGN: Ploximity
Server: (19) Nereida

A rear warrior class.
This hero can deliver good AOE damage in the long-run combat without heal support (not good for PVP). A complex way of utilizing this hero is using it with the right Angels and doing battles in Manual Mode.

Angel >; Amora/Styx

Blood Baroness rear of >;Self Healing Tank
Soul Slinger rear of >;Self Healing Tank
Blazing Soul

A good way to cancel out the rage you give enemies from AOE attacks is to cast the AOE attack on the first strike and sequence your attacks like this (using the hero's I lined-up).
bladestorm attack>;angel skill ([Hades' Spell for Styx] or [Steal rage of Amora]>;then the remaining 2 chance based rage-points drain;attacks will take effect.;

I would suggest using the Elder Dwarf/Nether Knight/Dark Paladin
Elder Dwarf provides chance based stun protection from rear enemy attacks and also a tough cookie
Dark Paladin provide Frontline damage without giving rage points to enemies and has ressurect and random stun
Nether Knight a personal bias. ;(of course he heals himself after being damaged. using rage attack manual mode)

Imagine Blood Baroness in angel arena at below 20% HP with every hero at full rage :) easy cheapshot;

Tester 2
IGN: WallaceAvila (S24 Night watch)

1. Hero Introduction
Hero Class: Warrior
Gender: Female
Soulstone Source: Ordinary Feast Chest (Host Ordinary Feast in the Guild menu) or Divination
Emblems: Shield of Warrior, Light of Goddess, Rage of Warrior, Sword of Goddess
Rune: HP, PA, PD, MD, Crit (Priority: HP ->; PA ->; Crit ->; etc)

Blood Baroness is a Warrior DPS hero with somehow high DPS, but is squishy. She can be positioned in front or the back side. She is ‘expensive’ to obtain since the Soulstone comes from Ordinary Feast Chest which only comes from the Guild Feast (which cost diamond). F2P player might find difficulty farming this hero (F2P players are better spend their diamonds on other stuff).

-          Dance of Death: Turns into a bladestorm, damaging all enemies, causing minor damage to herself and bleeding effect to 2 random targets.
-          Dusknoir Strike: The hero summons a bat to steal HP from an enemy.
-          Cursed Blood: Blades with cursed blood grant the hero +1.00% attack for each 1% of lost HP.
-          Bloodline Limit: The ancient Vampire has strong HP
2. Skill Analysis
Skill 1 (Dance of Deatch): A nice AOE skill that damage all enemies. It also applies bleeding effect to 2 random targets, which is also nice for more DPS, but is uncontrollable since the target is random. It also damage the hero HP a bit when unleashing this skill, in which the 3rd skill; Cursed Blood will be benefitted (increase attack). This skill have a limited synergy with the hero Nightblade, who benefit from the bleeding effect.
Skill 2 (Dusknoir Strike): This skill allow the Blood Baroness to steal a very small amount of HP from the enemy. Might be useful to allow the hero avoid a fatal blow.
Skill 3 (Cursed Blood): The skill that will increase the damage from Blood Baroness, but can put her in a risky position, since the lower HP, the stronger the attack, but have a high chance to be killed. Dead hero = 0 DPS which is worse than having slightly lower attack power.
Skill 4 (Bloodline Limit): A skill that increases the total HP of Blood Baroness. Very useful in conjuction with her 3rd skill. Since higher HP pool means she can survive more punishment. She can stay in lower percentage of HP while still having more HP than before.
3. Strategy
Front Position: This way she will gain rage faster, and thus can unleash her skill more frequently. With the danger of being killed quickly, it is beneficial to put other hero, such as Guardian or Astral Child to put shield on her. Make sure you let her lose some HP first before putting the shield on her tp increase her attack power. Also possible to pair with another healer (with guardian), who will use the healing skill before the shield on her dissipated.
Back Position: This way she will be safer from enemy attack (mostly), but will have minimum rage generation. It is best ti pair her with heroes or angels that provides rage so she can unleash her skill faster.

Tester 3
IGN: WTFlush
Aerver: Cain(EU3)

One of the most expensive hero to star up but worth it. Many people say he isn't that good because often dies way too fast (he has high PD and MD but lacks resilience, parry and dodge) and so they use him as a rear hero. However he has a self-healing skill to increase his survability as well has an high HP pool. The deadly part of Baroness is the combo of his ultimate skill "Dance of Death" and "Cursed Blood" which is able to deal massive dmg. This great hero increases his output dmg as he lose hp: the closer to death he is the higher dmg he deals (at first level 1% more dmg each 1% hp lost). For this reason I am convinced that he has to stay in the front line. Most of the times he will deal much more dmg than it suffers, fair deal! In team with heroes capable of reducing defences like King o' Bones, Astral Hunter and Snow Queen he will become a true killing machine.

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