General Intro: Lumia

2015-07-30 18:41:31
Lumia spreads the power of light wherever she goes. She is a beacon for all that is good in this world. 
A healing mage."I will mend the scars of the land."

Lucent Hall: A spell to heal the front line and herself.
Light Binding: Summons a light prison, each round she has chance to deal damage to 2 enemies with highest attack and stun them.
Light Blessing: Chants a spell of light, each round she has a chance to grant a shield to 2 allies with the lowest HP.

Light of Legacy: The inherited light increase her attack.

Lumia is a Mage with high HP. Her HP, Magic Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Defense and Agility raised distinctly after every elevation. Rune updated in this order: PH, Magic Defense, Agility, Dodge and Resilience. Generally speaking, Lumia is a all-match Mage that a variety of battle formation there can be used with.

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