2015-09-10 17:48:03
XO-403 is the first hero in Fire Raiders that does not belong in any single category. With two modes, Attack and Support, he can be an extremely flexible addition to your team. His versatility is what makes him perfect for a lot of formations.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

Let’s take a look at XO-403’s four skills under his attack and support modes.

Guardian of realm: Attack and stun 3 enemies with the least health / Heal and increase defense of 3 allies with least health.
XO-403’s rage skill is used to switch his modes, while also offering lots of control potential in attack mode and great healing/protection in support.

Scattering Flame: Attack front row enemies and inflict burn debuff / Heal front row allies.
A formation will crumble if the front row falls, so heals on your tanks is especially important.

Penetrting Fire: Attack a column of enemies and reduce defense / Heal ally with least health and grant rage.
An amazing skill that either increases damage on enemies or keeps your weakest ally alive and let them use their rage skill sooner.

Gaea Firebomb: Attack enemy with most rage and reduce damage done by target / Confuse a random enemy.
Great to prevent a high damage rage skill from destroying your formation, or disable one enemy giving you the advantage.

XO-403’s runes should be focused on Attack and Crit. These both increase his damage and healing, providing dual benefits. Landing some Crit heals can instantly turn around a losing battle.

XO-403 is a hero that requires skill. Learn to anticipate when you need to use each mode and you will gain the most out of this fun hero. Just remember, XO-403 is not a traditional tank!