Alyssia Evaluation

2015-09-15 19:31:33

Tester: PamelaBlack

Alyssia is a hero that can be strategically invaluable to your formation. Enemies that rely on buffs or causing negative effects will be crippled against her. She can also wreck havoc on your enemies rear line, where their healers and DPS are usually hiding. While she can be considered a support warrior, she is sturdy like Zweihander but quicker than most warriors. Her skills offer unique effects and she is the only hero that can remove effects like stun.

Arc Light: Infuse her blade with thunder magic and strike the enemy front row twice while increasing their damage taken.
Cause significant damage to their warriors plus a powerful debuff to offset their defenses.

Plasma Ball: Damage 2 enemies with the highest ATK and remove all buffs from them.
This skill is great to lessen the threat of the enemy’s primary DPS heroes. Unique dispel effect can shut down formations that rely on buffs.

Thunder Shield: Shield herself and an ally with the highest ATK, increasing ATK and removing all negative effects.
A powerful and unique ability that will increase your formation’s damage output and remove negative effects, including stuns! When combined with Arc Light, you can really deal insane damage to the enemy’s front row.

Thunder Blade: Cause massive damage to the enemy’s rear line with a chance to stun.

Go straight for their weaker heroes! This skill can stun or outright kill their DPS and healers, giving you a quick victory.

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