Armament Breakdown

2015-09-18 16:45:43

Flame Armament: add attack buff
2-set: Increase attack of all heroes; increase max attack.
4-set: Increase attack of all heroes when the total HP is below certain percentage.
6-set: Cause bleeding in the first 3 rounds to 2 enemy heroes in the frontline and reduces healing received.
8-set: Add initial rage; apply burn effect to the enemy team; cause enemies that dies to explode and deal damage to nearby heores.
Armament function: Increase the attack of all heroes dramatically, benefit player in Gold Trial and Guild Treasure.
Recommended battle formation: Night Sentinel, Green Ranger, Night Blade, Demon Hunter, Astral Child, Byron the Black, Snow Queen, Grimbow.

Ice Armament: promote both attack and defence.
2-set: Increase defense of all heroes; increase max defense.
4-set: Apply poison in the first 3 rounds to 2 enemy heroes with the highest attack, deals damage and reduce their attack.
6-set: At the start of the battle, all your heroes sacrifice HP to summon a shield that absorbs damage.
8-set: Add initial rage. From the 2nd to 4th round, increase attack of a rear line hero with the highest rage each round.
Armament function: Promote both attack and defense of the league, benefits player in PVP mode in arena.
Recommended battle formation: Pyrona, Nether Knight, Soul Slinger, Flaming Soul, Dragon Queen.

Earth Armament
2-set: Increase HP of all heroes and increase their max HP.
4-set: Reduce damage taken by your frontline heroes. Reduce additional damage if it is a critical hit.
6-set: If an attack causes damage over a certain percentage of a hero’s max HP on the rear line, the damage is reduced.
8-set: Add initial rage. From the 2nd to 4th round, each round the hero with the lowest HP will gain a shield that absorbs damage and reduce damage taken.
Armament function: Increase HP dramatically, benefits a player’s defense formations in arena and island raid.
Recommended battle formation: Headless Horseman, Hell Hound, XO-403, Minotaur, Elder Dwarf, Valkyrie.

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