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After honing his fighting skills to perfection, Bamboo Fighter has traveled all the way to Ivalice to seek greater challenges. Seeing the destruction caused by the Demon Lord, Bamboo Fighter immediately joined the League to rid the world of the terrible evil. Bamboo Fighter is a very strategic warrior. His placement in your formation is crucial to getting the most out of his skills; with the right positioning he is devastating. Line him up against the enemy’s heavy hitters to make best use of his Bamboo Flurry skill. Place him opposite of a high value target so his Shadow Wind can take them out. It’s all in your hands!

Bamboo Flurry: Crush all enemies in front of him, dealing massive damage and lowering their attack for 2 turns.
A great Active skill that’s all about positioning. Try to line Bamboo Fighter up with 2 of the enemy’s most dangerous heroes.
Aerial Crush: Slams into enemies in the back row dealing damage with a chance to stun for 2 turns.
Chance to disable the enemy’s entire back row for 2 turns? This skill has the potential to single-handedly win the battle.
Martial Epitome: Attunes to the power of nature, greatly increasing HP, attack, defense and rage for 2 turns.
This is an amazing buff that strengthens Bamboo Fighter in all areas, especially survival. Bamboo Fighter truly becomes an unstoppable force when this activates.
Shadow Wind: Dashes to the enemy in his mirrored position and attacks 6 times with chance to stun.

Study the enemy’s formation and strategically place Bamboo Fighter to take out their highest threat with Shadow Wind.

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