Hero Intro: Void Shadow

2015-12-17 16:40:47

Void Shadow is a hero that is completely shrouded in mystery. Some claim she is from another dimension and has arrived in Eylsium with unknown intentions. However she seemed to have earned the trust of the Princess, for only she has ever seen the face underneath Void Shadow’s helmet. On the battlefield, she is ruthless and deadly, and the reason people call her the Void Shadow.

Void Shadow is classified as a warrior, but plays more like an assassin. Her unique feature is being able to connect to the void and shift into Shadow Stance. In this stance, all of her damage skills are altered and she cannot be hit by targeted attacks. She will also regen 10% of her max HP every round while in this stance. Shadow stance allows her to avoid a great deal of damage and keep her in the fight. Switch stances at the right moment to take full advantage of her abilities!

Her damage skills also apply different status effects depending on your stance, like stun, decrease hit rate, and even preventing heals on your target. Her 3rd skill, Void Manipulation, is a powerful support skill that’s perfect against enemies using negative effects against your team.

Shadow Assault:
Battle Stance: Damages and stuns enemy front line and enters Shadow Stance afterwards (When in Shadow Stance, she only takes AOE damage and regenerates 10% HP each round).                                                                                                         

Shadow Stance: Damages back line hero in the mirrored position and prevents target from being healed, enters Battle Stance afterwards.
Void Shadow’s ultimate skill and method to switch her stance. Being in shadow stance will allow her to avoid most attacks while regenerating HP, and alters her damage skills.

Wraith Shiv:
Battle Stance: Shoots wraith shivs at back line enemies and lowers their hit chance for 2 turns.
Shadow Stance: Uses dark shivs to attack enemy with highest attack and stuns for 2 turns.
Can be used to lower the damage of the eneny’s back line or to stun a high value DPS target.

Void Manipulation: Manipulates void power, once every 3 turns dispells 1 debuff from all allies and increases attack for 2 turns.
An amazing support skill that removes negative effects from your whole team and increases their damage.

Infinite Void: Absorbs void energy, when in shadow stance, greatly increases her attack and crit but sacrifices defense.
Her passive makes her even more deadly in Shadow Stance. Even though she sacrifices defense in return for more damage, shadow stance helps negate the downsides.

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