Awaken Introduction: Awaken Hero, Wreck Havoc

2016-03-15 17:19:44

League of Angels Fire Raiders is proud to introduce a system that will revolutionize your gaming experience! The all new Hero Awakening system will allow players to Awaken specific Heroes, unleashing their true potential.

Hero Awakening Function

The Hero Awakening feature unlocks at League level 71. Awakening currently has 2 main functions: Unlocking a Hero's 5th skill and altering their appearance!
Awakening is divided into multiple levels, each level will increase the Hero's stats
The Awakening Function panel
The fourth mark of a hero will be activated when he or she is awakened. From top to bottom, there clearly shows the current awaken status of a hero, the requirements and total buff for the next awakening level. By pressing the ‘evolution’ button at the bottom, players can evolve one hero to a higher awaken level to obtain greater promotion. 

Full Introduction of Awakening Skills
Heroes will be enabled for Awakening in waves, the first 6 are: Rose Knight, Pyrona, Nereida, Dark Paladin, Nightblade and Lunar Priestess. Here we’d like to introduce their awakening skills respectively:
  • Rose KnightRose Blade: Gains incoming damage reduction, increase the target of 'Holy Sword' by X(X=1-5).
  • PyronaFire Blast: Pyrona adds 'explode' effect each time she casts Fire Blast (Target deals percentage damage of HP plus absolute damage to neighbouring heroes)
  • NereidaSilver Dragon Scale: The blood of Silver Dragon is awakened, increaseing HP and grants damage reduction.
  • Lunar PretestMoon Prayer: Continuously heals target, also grants self with a shield that turns incoming damage to HP, lasts 2 turns.
  • Dark PaladinDark Revenge: Gains damage reduction after rebirth (1 turn), attack increases (2 turns).
  • Nightblade - Assassin Blade: Increase HP of self and dodge chance.

List of Evolution Required materials 

Since Fire Raiders is planning on releasing a new ‘Cross Server PVP’ system in June, players should have plenty of time to utilize the new Awaken feature to prepare for the ultimate showdown! 

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